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I have always had a not too good view of ndegu. For me it was that dish you ate in people’s houses that was quite bland. It was that dish that other people seemed to love with chapati but I could never figure out what the fuss was all about. This green thing that at times had weevils and floating tomatoes that had absolutely no taste. Why did people love it? Didn’t people have a different way of how to make ndegu?

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Isn’t it so annoying when you follow someone’s blog or YouTube channel or even TV show, you fall in love with them, you hang on their every word. You fantasize about meeting them, you actually look forward to it. They are super charming when you watch them or read them so they must be so nice and charming in person right? Then you meet them and they are the coldest people ever. You wonder WTF happened to the charmer you fell in love with?! It is the most annoying thing because I end up feeling played, like I wasted my time being a fan and most times I can not be bothered to continue supporting this person.

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This past weekend I went for an event organised by Supreme Chefs Kenya , an association for chefs in Kenya. The event was a Chefs cooking competition and one of the guests/ friends of Supreme chefs was Chef Philippe Frydman. We had a chat with him when I told him I have an artisinal business where I make and sell sauces, savoury jams and gourmet nut butters. He was quite excited and started to tell me how artisans make amazing items and how some of the things we buy are so easy to make.

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