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Roast drumsticks with bbq sauce- Kenyan chicken recipe-Kenyan chicken-Kuku choma-Kenyan food-Kuku- Kenyan food blogger- top kenyan blogger-Top african food bloggerIf there is one thing I love it must be easy to make meals. Those that require very little standing time and yet are still tasty. For me this were my go to recipes when I was hangovered or just on a lazy Sunday. But ever since becoming a mum such kind of recipes are my everyday meals. Quick, easy and tasty.

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Coleslaw salad- coleslaw-how to make coleslaw-coleslaw recipe-Kenyan food-Kenyan food blogger-Kenyan salad-Top Kenyan food blogger-Top Kenyan blogger-Top african food blogger-African food blogger

If there is one salad that is popular in our home it’s coleslaw. Growing up my parents run a catering business. They had a chef called Ivuti who made amazing food and taught me quite a bit of what I know now. Now Ivuti made Really good coleslaw that my brother Nyaga loved. But Ivuti could not for the life of him pronounce Coleslaw.  He always said Coneslaw.

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african kaya-kenyan food blogger-top Kenyan food blogger-African food blogger-top African food blogger-Ice crea mrecipe-Ice cresam in Kenya- Kenyan ice cream

The weather  in Nairobi  is all sorts of crazy this month. Isn’t June meant to be cold and gloomy? Shouldn’t we be feeling the need to cuddle up under a blanket with some hot cocoa and watch a movie. Perhaps not leave the said blanket for a whole weekend? I love cold days, when I have nothing else to do but bum.

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