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I am one of those that love to host. Any excuse to cook for people and watch them eat and enjoy my food always makes me happy. But sometimes I am either too busy or just too tired to host and cook. Well here comes potluck parties to the rescue. A potluck is basically a meal or a party where each attendee brings something to share with everyone. They are pretty easy to host but let me just give you a few pointers.

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So sometime in September I went to India. It was my very first time and I was super excited. Why you may ask. Well I love Indian food. Like LOOOOOOVEEEEEEE so much so that if there is reincarnation I would like to be born as an Indian so that I can know how to make authentic curry, it would be inborn. Sort of the way I make nyama fry (meat cooked with little oil in onions and sometimes tomatoes, recipe here ) or Kuku Kienyeji (Road runner chicken, Recipe here). I would just be whipping up butter chicken and chicken tikka in my sleep. OOh what joy that would be.

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So this past weekend, on the 29th of October, I attended the Jack Daniels Brothers of the Grill at Arboretum in Nairobi. To say it was an amazing event would be a great under statement. This is one event you never want to miss. I know I never want to. It is so worth it. Worth the drive across town, worth the time I spent there, worth the money. Let me tell you how it all went down.

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