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So it’s been a week since my last update and almost two months since I started. During last update I had informed you guys of how someone had decided that I did not need my carrot and spring onion seedlings and decided to uproot them but on the upside my baby spinach, dhania (coriander) and lettuce seemed to be doing great.

Well two weeks later and the plot to the drama thickens. My spinach had really grown. In fact I had begun to harvest. Then one night someone decided that my spinach was dirty enough that it needed to be washed with some Omo (powdered washing soap) that had been dissolved in water!!!!! I say the person came at night because when the plants were watered at night they were ok the next morning when I was at work the guy who checks them for me came to water the plants and low and behold foam came up!! This was such a deliberate act that whoever the culprit is just targeted my two spinach seed beds which are apart and left out the lettuce and dhania in between!!

SO….this has led to many of my spinach wilting and others dying completely L it is very sad that someone can actually be this malicious but Karma is a bitch so he/she will get theirs.



On to better news, See how lovely my Dhanias are  🙂


And my lettuce 😀



I grew more carrots so this are still about 2 weeks olds


And spring onions as well.

So hopefully next week I’ll have all good news