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So over the last few weekends my friends have all been home on R&R (rest and recuperation) and its been quite a lonely time 🙁 You sometimes do not realise that its the people in your life that make it your life till hey ALL leave you in the desert. Anyway last weekend i invited my friends Dennis and Krista to come over for dinner and i made a fish curry, some rosemary potatoes and dhania rice. I think they quite enjoyed it. after dinner we decided to go over to their compound ( we work for different organizations) for a drink.


So we went and i THINK they do not sell spirits in tots so we had to buy a whole bottle. I then got a bottle of Johnnie  Walker. As i drunk it i kept think ” gosh this thing has a funny taste” but my other voice told me i was being paranoid.


On to the morning AFTER!!! I woke up feeling like I had drunk a whole litre of vodka even though I had probably only had about 4 tots. i felt ill. My head was paining and it wasn’t paining, my stomach was paining and it wasn’t paining, i was thirsty but i didn’t want water. it was such a HORRIBLE feeling. So i decided to look at the bottle that i had bought at Kathrines and what was the first thing i saw????? the seal on the cap was written 750ml!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh. ok then i put it aside and forgot about it as i nursed my hang over.

Two nights ago I decided to compare the Johnnie I bought at Kathrines with what I had from the commissary and boy was there a big difference! As evident on the photo the color on the smaller bottle is much lighter, the smell is also a bit different and obviously from experience the taste is too.This guys of river road seem to have penetrated all markets. How sad!!

Well I am never buying a bottle from there again. Might just resort to carrying a sippy cup 🙂