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Posing session before the walk to town: my self, mo and mona

So I get these questions A LOT.

GOSH!! what do you guys do there for fun, as in is there somewhere do go?

is there alcohol ? (as if life will be nonexistence without)

Is there a town? a road?

Well here are a few answers in pictures. This is not what we typically do on a Saturday afternoon but we just decided to see what is out there. do something different.

posing on the bridge, me peeping


our seasonal river

You should see this river after it has really rained. it fills up COMPLETELY sometimes up to the level of the bridge


Mo, my poser friend :-)





Star jump, look how little my feet get off the ground :-(



the one street that’s Kakuma town



Daya or what some people call UN7 (UN3 is our flight) this is the bus that’s taken to Nairobi



our Mpesa joint and kiosk or Mbugua’s as its famously known



a kiosk and the shoe menders banda


Mo making the order- she is the regular at this joint


Ugali and Fry (beef) it was surprisingly TASTY


Our salt shaker


the drinking joint


our drinks :-)

I think it is safe to say that we really enjoyed ourselves this afternoon. It was something different. We will definitely be going back soon.