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So sometime in October as I was browsing around and moving from one blog to another, I ended up at a cookie and cupcake blog (don’t remember the name) the blogger of this site had just participated in her first Foodie Penpals and it looked ooh so exciting. This post led me to the Lean Green Bean. And here I was excited some more. I just had to start the program in Kenya.

So I spoke to Lindsay of the Lean Green Bean and I was given a go ahead of copying the program and starting one in Kenya. So basically how it works is you receive penpal who you send a parcel of food items to and you also receive a parcel of food from someone, a stranger!!! how exciting!!!Read about the program and how to sign up here

Well I can say that the first month has not been so bad. We had a few issues with a few people being confused by who their penpal was. This is because initially we were an odd number and I had to allocate one person two penpals, so they send to one and receive from one. This caused a whole lot of confusion. I hope to fix this next month.


Well my penpal sent me homemade M&M cookies, they were delicious. I ate some gave some out. They were nice and crunchy not too sweet.


I also got some Doritos, green Thai curry paste and coconut milk. Can’t wait to cook me some Green Thai chicken curry 🙂

I sent a parcel to Emma, visit her blog to see what I sent her.


Read about the other bloggers experiences below.

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