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So I went to Lamu over the new years holidays. I went with a group called Bunduz Safaris. They did a very decent job and in some areas actually surpassed my expectations.

I enjoyed my trip, for the most part only down side is that it was a road trip. Who knew Lamu was that FAR??? I should have done my research. I was also a bit dissapointed with the food. For some reason the places that the organizers chose to take us for stop over lunches and dinners were AWFUL. Our first stop over at Voi I actually chose to have chicken and chips coz in my mind we had 5 days to have lots of GREAT swahili food. Waringa had the mutton pilau and it was OOOH SOO DELICIOUS and that i could say was one of the best dishes that whole holiday. We had a stop over in Malindi where i really hated the food. I had smoked fish in coconut sauce it was cold, others tried biriani and pilau but it was terribly bland, again in Lamu same thing bland food not a reflection of the spicy and exciting swahili dishes.

But the breakfast was amazing. They would serve viazi karai (directly translated to mean potatoes on pan,have to make this soon), mahamri (kenyan doughnuts) , mishikaki (beef in spicy marinade on a skewer),  mbaazi (pigeon peas in coconut sauce), bhajia (potatoes or onions dipped in gram flour then deep fried), masala tea, fresh fruit juices (the orange was to die for).

I also went spice shopping that was the highlight of my trip. I bought some for my Foodie Penpal. I got some in Lamu but most in Malindi. I’ll write about that soon. Here are pics of my trip

My bed, it was HUGE and the base was made of concrete!


Breathtakingly beautiful


spice shopping in Lamu


the narrow streets of Lamu

Always posing :-)

someone opened the door before i could take the pic :-(

not too sure if this was someones house or a hotel

sundried fish, looks a bit scary I know!!

My face is sweaty I know :-/ I was not bright enough to take a photo of this door without me but can you see how beautiful it is?

one of the many Mosques



and it continued


then it changed!!

beautiful ain’t it?

i just loved the doors

this thing is apparently from the early 19th century

a model of the swahili kitchen at the museum

the bedroom belonging to the man of the house

Again i know my face is sweaty, it was damn hot, but concentrate on two things; how high is that bed??? and look at my feet, those are iron flip flops if they walked with them I wonder how!!

the view from the balcony at the apartments we stayed in

some of the islands of lamu Island

floating restaurant

Beautiful sunset as we left Manda Island


how nice does this look


my gal Waringa rocking her heena


on the last night, we went to Malindi and had a really nice dinner at the Casino

my plate; grilled calamari and red snapper YUM

I told you I went spice shopping in Lamu, well I got the real stash in Malindi. I’ll post about that soon