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So I LOVE Onami. Onami is on the 2ndflour of Westgate Mall in Westlands. I love their food and to be honest they have the best cocktails I have ever had in Nairobi. I discovered them in 2010 and I always try and go there for cocktails when I am in Nairobi. I particularly love their litchi martini. It’s like ORGASMIC, just one glass of those babies gets me giggling and it’s sweet too. Most of their martinis are quite great, I’ve tasted kiwi and banana (not sure they still have this on their menu though) their quite yummy. Their strawberry daiquiri is good and oooh their mojitos, how can I forget that.


FYI I am not an alcoholic, I have not drunk through their cocktails menu, its too long that even my girl Mona who is an alchoholic (pun intended) would have a hard time doing that. I was there a few weeks ago with my girl Waringa. We went in for a drink after lunch and got a surprise that made us VERY happy. They were having a BOGOF (buy one get one free) for their Happy Hour, so that is two drinks for an average of just Ksh 600/= so it comes down to 300/= per cocktail!! how cool is that??. Waringa had the Mai Tai it was mighty tasty, I of course still had the litchi Martini. Went back two weeks with my man, Dennis, who had a Whiskey Sour,

Whiskey sour


why I never tried it before I have no idea because it was sooooo tasty plus it has a lovely high. Last week I started off with a Frozen Bublegum.

Frozen Bubblegum

It was quite sweet actually it looked like and smelt like a strawberry milkshake, it was a tad too sweet and creamy but funny enough it had no cream (it’s made with Southern Comfort, Bailey’s & Strawberries) but it still does what alcohol is supposed to do.  Who doesn’t want that? To be honest though I don’t think I’d order it again unless if I was just having one cocktail at lunch time and I did not want to feel like an alchy so I’d have it and pretend it’s milkshake , I’m bright I know hehe.

I’d forgotten to tell you the last time I was there was on a Thursday so they had salsa night, the music is really enjoyable and for those of us who can’t dance salsa for shit it’s a great people watching experience as there normally really good dancers, another incentive of going on Thursdays?? they have Johny Walker cocktails such at whiskey sour selling for only 450/- OOOH and on Tuesdays there Cocktails are just 500/- Ok I’ve stopped I sound like an over enthusiastic drunkard 🙂

I love the ambiance at Onami, the service is also mostly decent. By that I mean that on the occasions I have been there for drinks and I sat at the bar the service was great, on days that I have been there for lunch the service was great but most times I have been there for dinner their service has been lacking.

There food is also great I’ll write about that later., although they did up their prices when they changed their name and also removed some things I liked from their menu 🙁 But when you can head on over there for happy hour or even if its not happy hour I’ll bet you that by the time you leave you will be REALLY happy!!

Bloody Mary

Our bar tender that night Geof, he was great

Geoff mixing up his special cocktail

I feel like a cocktail just by looking at this bring poured

Final product, Geof’s special cocktail made with Sheridan’s Ciroc Vodka and sugar syrup