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04-hbx-black-and-white-baskets-varney-0209-lgnI totaly love a house thats well decorated. Especialy one which has pieces that are extremely outside the box. I love it when different pieces come together to form this absolutely amazing look. like the baskets above. How amazing is do they look?

I love the use of “African” looking pieces that are incorporated and made to look modern and chic. I’m not so sure how this is stuck on the wall but I am assuming you can use glue, the kind sold in the hardware shops or section in the supermarket.

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I have told you time and time again how much love I have for Pinterest. It is amazing, the new things you discover up there or the new ideas you get are so worth the hour I spend there daily. For those of you who are still too backward and don’t know what Pinterest is where on earth do you live???? Pinterest is a social networking site where you share photos (pin) of things you find interesting (hence pinterest). It can be anything food, drinks, cats, cars, motor bikes, movies, your dream house, wedding ideas, party ideas, ANYTHING!! You save this in your own folders and you can later refer back to them. It’s like an online idea diary. I LOVE IT.
So I found this recipe on there and I thought that it sounded so impossible. I mean how do you blend frozen bananas and come out with a creamy substance? Doesn’t that defy logic? Shouldn’t you get a juice or flacked/shaved ice particles?? Turns out my science is wrong. Once the frozen bananas have been blended for long enough what you end up with is a creamy frozen dessert. Totally SUGAR FREE!!! How cool is that??? I loved this dessert not only coz I like bananas but mainly because it’s healthy. So on a night when you really want some ice cream but you are trying to watch your calorie intake, make this and your craving will be dealt with and your waist and hips will thank you later.


Frozen Banana Ice Cream


  1. Frozen Bananas ( to freeze just peel the banana and wrap in cling film, you could also chop it before freezing)
  2. Vanilla essence
  3. Optional: peanut butter, Nutella, cocoa


Put the bananas and vanilla essence in a blender and blend till smooth then put in a container and freeze for at least 1.5-2.5 hrs. Scoop to serve