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Ugandan Rolex

Ugandan Rolex


There is nothing as interesting going to a new country and discovering their street food. On my recent trip to Uganda I kept asking my girlfriends to take me somewhere I’d eat food that the locals eat on the go and is available right on the streets. I guess for kenyans this would be maindi choma (roasted maize), smokies with kachumbari (some form of sausage with salsa), boiled egg with salsa, mshikakis etcs.

In Uganda rolex is famous, I have heard of it for years and I always wondered why they called olex as there is really no correlation to the watch brand, but its mighty tasty and I suppose that is all that matters. I had this at a street corner near Makerere I honestly do not remember the name of the area. Its quite a fast meal, I was quite impressed by the fact that they add cabbages to their omelet. The process is quite simple. The photos below were taken at the street vendors “kitchen”



1. Make your chapati before hand. mix all the ingredients for your omelet in a cup pour it on the pan . I used; onions, green pepper, red bell pepper, cabbage, tomatoes and dhania, I cooked the omelet in a little oil   then once cooked place the capati on the cooked omeletUgandan Rolex

2. Turn the omelet and chapati and start to roll. For my homemade one I added lettuce, red bell peer and sweet chilli sauce. You can be very creative at this point, add cheese, spinach, any other vegetables20140608_225901

3. Roll the chapati and egg completely


4. Pack it or eat it. How cool is this recycled carry pocket that they use?