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You know there are times when you sit down and think of doing something then the idea seems so far fetched and unachievable but the more you think of it the more excited you get about this seemingly unachievable idea, well this was me and The Chill ‘N Grill. From the time my mama told me to do a Koroga, almost 2 years ago, to this year when I actually started working on it the idea has metamorphosed from just a Koroga into a korga/self bbq with food and farmers market.

The last month into planning this event was stressful, so many times I asked my self WTH I got my self into but ooooh boy was it worth it.  I got such overwhelming support from friends and family and even more support from people who follow my blog or are part of my Facebook Nairobi Foodies Club or even total strangers. We had a good crowd who all had fun and each group brought me to tears each time I asked them if they liked the afternoon and each and every one of them said they LOVED it!! and despite the small things that they thought need improving they all wanted me to hold one in December (NOT POSSIBLE 🙂 I love you all and God bless you for all your support.

Thank you to my sponsors and supporters, EABL, DSTV Kenya, Chefs-on-legs, Wanderjoy Party World and Kenchic, Pukka Kenya Photographers , CooksWell Jikos and all the vendors (Mr. Donut, Just Fresh, Anzu Artisan Ice pops, amongst others  for believing in me when most people did not

Below is the day in picture. Next event will be held in early February be on the look out


Remember next one is in early February so keep checking!!