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African kaya-african kaya food blog- Kenyan food blog-Prawns-Kenyan prawns-Kenyan seafood-How to cook seafood- chilli mango- mango recipes Kenya-Kenyan recipes I am not sure there is a season in my beautiful country than mango season. It comes with so much sunshine. So much happiness and celebrations. Mango season starts towards the end of the year just when the rains stop and as the sun begins to shine Kenyan’s begin to celebrate. The number of weddings, Ruracios (dowry ceremony), itara (the ceremony where Kikuyu mothers and aunties go to visit the Kitchen in the home where the daughter will be married) then there are baby showers, bridal showers, then Jamuhuri day and Christmas and new years then comes January and even though you have too many bills to pay the sun still shines every morning so you always have a reason to smile.

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