So at the beginning of last year I really tried putting up at least one cake/baked good each week, I REALLY tried and I did it for a few months then…………..i fell of that wagon :-( sad…. VERY sad. So at the end of the year I decided that it would be great if I could challenge my self and make  a cake each week but I felt that it was a tad ambitious of me to say I will bake 52 cakes different things this year. I Therefore decided to settle on 30, I think that is a workable number.   So below are the baked goods  I would like to make (in no particular order) and links to the recipes. I will add on to the list as the year progresses as I am sure I will find other things that I would love to bake and I will also tell you of my progress and of course post on all the bakes I manage to bake. wish me luck I NEED IT  HAPPY BAKING

  1. Too Much Chocolate Cake 
  2. Dark Chocolate and Rasberry Buttercream Cake with Ganache Drizzle
  3. Double Dark Chocolate Cake with Black Velvet Icing
  4. Salted Caramel Six Layer Chocolate Cake 
  5. Sweet Potato Cake with Molasses ButterCream
  6. Oreo Cake
  7. Beetroot Brownies
  8. Japanese Cheese Cake 
  9. Mini Cakes
  10. Ultimate S’mores cake 
  11. Mango Bread 
  12. Carrot Shaped Cupcakes 
  13. Two Ingredient Pumpkin Brownies 
  14. Healthy Yellow Cake with Sugar-Free Buttercream
  15. Pineapple Angel Food Cake 
  16. Strawberry Cupcakes + Strawberry Buttercream
  17. Scottish Shortbread
  18. Zucchini & Banana Muffin Recipe
  19. Tunnel of Fudge Bundt Cake
  20. Stuffed Cheese Buns 
  21. *Flourless* Fudge Choc Chip Cookies
  22. Chocolate-Chocolate Chip + Bacon Cookies
  23. Pancakes and Bacon cake
  24. Leopard Print Cake
  25. Steamed Ginger Pudding
  26. Oreo Cookie in a Cupcake
  27. Bacon Cinnamon Rolls
  28. Basketball Cake
  29. Snickerdoodle Bread
  30. Sweet Potato Corn Bread
  31. Peanut Butter and Nutella cake
  32. Bacon and Cheddar Scones
  33. Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread
  34. Snickers Brownies
  35. Frosted Oreo Brownies
  36. 2 minute Chocolate & Salted Caramel Mug Cake
Written by Wangeci