bacon lettuce tomato wrap

When I first read about the BLT sandwich on a menu a couple of years ago in a coffee shop I REALLY wondered what this people were on about. I’m from the village so you can’t blame me for taking a minute to get what BLT stood for, when I finally got it I wondered why on earth could they just not call it a simple…BACON, LETTUCE AND TOMATO sandwich?????? Anyway, I’m done with my bickering. Anything that has bacon in it tastes great so the original BLT is tasty so when I saw this over on Pinterest just over a week ago I had to try it. It was AMAZING…’s always interesting the recipes the girl over at SkinnyTaste comes up with. It was like a really tasty, refreshing, healthy yet decadent salad. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. HAPPY COOKING!!!



  • 4 slices bacon cooked and chopped
  • 1 medium tomato, diced
  • 1 tbsp light mayonnaise (I used thousand island dressing coz i dint have mayo)
  • 3 large iceberg lettuce leaves
  • fresh cracked pepper




  1. Carefully remove 2 large outer leaves of a head of lettuce. I had already used mine so I just got the biggest leaves I could.
  2. Shred up the third leaf
  3. Dice the tomatoes and put them in a bowl mix in the mayonnaise and pepper
  4. Place the large lettuce leaves on a plate and top with the shredded lettuce
5. Add the tomatoes
6. Top with the bacon

7. Roll it up



breadless blt sandwich



Written by Wangeci Wandere cici
  • gaso

    i totally love this congrats

    • Cici Wandere

      Thanx Love. HAPPY COOKING!!

  • Liz

    Cici I want to share my typical garden salad,I always want to spice it some more I guess I can do bacon pls advice
    Green apple
    White onion
    For the dressing I prefer mixing mayo ketchup n fresh lemon juice I whisk them thoroughly

    Basic shredding n dicing of the ingredients,
    Cut the onions into rings
    Cut the pineapple into tiny bits n dice the green apple
    Toss them in a salad bowl
    Drizzle the dressing on top
    You can add a few pieces of avocado,shreds of chicken,am about to try bacon

    • Wangeci Wandere

      That sounds fantastic. Il be sharing a sald soon with avocado and mango. You could try and add mangos and chicken. maybe a little bacon and croutouns??? It sounds delicious