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African Kaya Pizza Fest Port

I do not think I have ever in my life looked forward to a Monday like I have this one. I mean for once on a Monday I can go out and eat pizza leaving all my chills at home so that I feel no guilt for indulging on a Monday. Since last week, when some fellow bloggers and I were invited by Eat out for their media launch I have just been counting down the days to Monday.

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The 3rd edition of the DStv Chill N Grill was filled with lots of fun and food just like the previous events. This time the venue changed from Wanderjoy to Mamba village. Unlike the last event where it pretty much rained the whole day, the weather was beautiful; nice and sunny.  The rains came later on in the evening, but the fun did not stop. The cooking continued and the entertainment.

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IMG-20150522-WA0009 (1)

Have you ever had so much fun that it did not matter what the weather like? you could be in the middle of the Kalahari desert with 45 degree heat or right smack in Limuru on a col morning but you still enjoyed yourself. Well that is what The 2nd edition of the DStv Chill N Grill was like.

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