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African Kaya-Smoothie- mango smoothie- pineapple smoothie-kenyan food blogger-top kenyan blogger-african food bloggerI’m not a big smoothie girl but my girl, Liz, who is also my sister in love is a smoothie freak or should I say she’s a health freak. She recently came to visit me and found an a lot of fruit that my dad sends me each week that I juice. I never remember to eat them.

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Are there things you take or hear of and they just take you back many years? For me this drink does just that. It takes me back to my Uni years in Melbourne, when I was young, wild and free. I miss those days, when all I had to worry about was money for drinking and money to buy food for trying out new things. When my biggest stress was making rent and buying transport tickets. Those days I would work and feel that all my money was going back to paying bills not knowing that years later I would be dealing with the real thing.

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chocolate baileys


I love baileys. I think what I like most about it is the nutty taste it sort of us, makes me think I’m having a drink that’s flavoured with hazelnuts. When Baileys launched their flavours a few years ago I think I fell in love just a little bit more. Well the flavoured Baileys isn’t very (readily) available in the Kenyan market. So when I bought chocolate Liqueur I just had to try the mix. I LOVED it…….Hope you will too. HAPPY DRINKING!!


Serves 1 or  2






100ml Baileys

50ml Crème de Cocoa

Ice cubes




Put all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and strain into a cocktail glass.