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This past weekend I went for an event organised by Supreme Chefs Kenya , an association for chefs in Kenya. The event was a Chefs cooking competition and one of the guests/ friends of Supreme chefs was Chef Philippe Frydman. We had a chat with him when I told him I have an artisinal business where I make and sell sauces, savoury jams and gourmet nut butters. He was quite excited and started to tell me how artisans make amazing items and how some of the things we buy are so easy to make.

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I moved back to Nairobi from Kakuma, Turkana in April 2013 and finally moved out of home in November 2013. From back in the day I had always said that I will be keeping fresh flowers in my house. New flowers each week. I even went as far ahead as buying vases. Almost 3 years down the line I have never bought flowers not even once.

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I love garlic, I am not sure there is something that I feel can uplift a dish more than garlic can. Well maybe salt and dhania. Those are quite amazing too. I am actually not sure which I love more, garlic or dhania. But do I have to choose?

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