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I know many of you are wondering what TF is a mason jar! heheh well, a mason jar is a moulded glass jar mainly used in home canning and preservation. It is the jar you see jams and preserves in. Its strong and can withstand heat. But other than canning and preservation there are other uses of mason jars or any glass jars you might have in your home.

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How beautiful do those cubes look? They kinda remind me of candy. Makes me want to take one or 3 and pop them in my mouth. But unfortunately they aren’t candy. No, it’s frozen tomato paste.

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I got baking soda, BAKING SODA!! hehe If you do not have baking soda in your house it is time you went out and bought some. Baking soda has so many uses, baking, cooking, cleaning, disinfecting etc etc. You really cannot afford to not have it in your house.

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