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So I’ve been holding cooking classes in my house for this holiday and it has been quite interesting. This is one of those things that you do once or twice but never take it seriously so this time I said I have to do it. I live in Nyayo Embakasi, lovely estate with lots of young families, perfect place to start.  I advertised and got a couple of students and started.

Honestly my experience this time was a bit different, I think mainly because I was dealing with children who were not family and also who did not know each other. I had different age groups; 4-6, 7-10, 11-14 and 15-18. Now the you children are quite nice to deal with, you always start with telling them to wash their hands then sing a nursery rhyme or two or a Sunday school song, you then laugh a little before you get down to business. The first class we made a chocolate mug cake and some sandwiches where we shaped the cheese and veggies like animals



funny shape sandwich

How cool right???? The kids had lots of fun with this but the only mistake I did was trying to show them how to do all the preparation themselves, I should probably have done half of it prior as this is what I did with subsequent classes. Now because I did not do all the prep my class went longer than the stipulated 45 mins to 1.25 hours. We all know how kids below 5 get when asked to do something for too long, jumpy fidgety and they just want to play, at this point you feel like you can place them in a free ads in Nigeria and SELL IT!! OLX  style just so that you can get some quiet then buy them back later after they make a tour of Nigeria and play all they want they can come back and cook some more. But since I could never do that my conscience would not even let me I had to be patient, I encouraged them to sing and in no time we were back to cooking. The kids love it, only problem came when it was time to eat the veggies that was a struggle but all in all we loved the experience and the parents were happy too. HERE is the timetable I had this holiday, but I can always do one on a Saturday in my house or yours. Do contact me if you’re interested. I also do classes during chamas or just when you are having a girls afternoon or night call me we can do cakes, cocktails or even just pilau