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When we were kids my dad would take my brother Kiboi and I with him when he went shopping. We loved it. For some reason the memory I have is of us going in the evenings. We would go to and buy this place to buy ham and my dad would make the butcher give us polony to taste. It was always either polony or honey glazed ham. As kids this would really really excite us. Sometimes he would then have it weighed then give us more slices and we would munch away feeling like the luckiest kids in Nairobi at the time.

From my memory this place was in Westlands. I thought it was a butchery but dad today tells me that it was Uchumi. I do not remember the supermarket. Big as it was or with all the activities going on I have no memory of it.  I do not remember the exact location. All I remember is the excitement of my dad taking us with him, the joy of him giving us the ham and the laughter and love shared at that time.

It is amazing the good memories food can illicit, the love and joy shared over a simple thing as a cold cut. How much love a child can feel over something so simple. I hope I will give such great food memories to my children one day.

Now for years all the polony in the market was pork polony. But Kenchic is really transforming the cold meats market. I told you guys a few weeks ago about chicken boerewors, they have chicken sausage, chicken brawn and even chicken polony. Polony is a favourite of mine. Not only because it is cost effective, but it also tastes great too. This sandwich is supper easy to make just grate some cheese slap some polony on it grill eat and eat it.

Happy grilling Foodies!


Chicken Polony Grilled Sandwich

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Yield: 8


  1. 8 slices Kenchic Chicken polony
  2. 16 slices of bread of your choice
  3. 100g cheddar cheese- grated
  4. Butter or margarine


Butter your bread on one side and set aside buttered side down

Place your cheese on the bread followed by the polony then a slice of bread buttered side up.

Heat up a pan or a sandwich maker. Place the sandwich on the pan and cook till browned. Flip the sandwich and cook again till browned.

Serve when Hot.

Written by Wangeci