choco banana pops


remember last month when i told you guys about the Adventurous Cooks Club|? did you try the Chicken Biriani? I really hope you did.


This time the Cooking challenge is hosted by Leo Tunapika?  she thought it would be great if we made a simple desert and this one was just perfect because apart from being simple its also healthy or mostly healthy especially if you use dark chocolate. Wendy Wahito is also to do a version of this so check it out too.


This is very simple you just need two basic ingredients


We start by slicing the bananas. You can cut a banana into 2 or 3 inch slices OR you can slice one into two to make a larger pop. i did both

melted chocolate

We then melt the chocolate,  I melted mine in the microwave but this is a tricky method as you can easily burn the chocolate and it can’t be recovered. If you decide to use the microwave do it in 10 second intervals trying to stir after each session. if this scares you, boil water in a small pot, place the chocolate in a large bowl and place on top of the hot water, stir continously till it melts

choco banana pops


Next dip half the slice into the chocolate or the tip of the halves into the chocolate and set aside.


You can have the chocolate banana pops plain or It is that simple, let the chocolate harden or you can add some sprinkles, here you can use anything, nuts, shaved or desiccated coconut, colorful sprinkles. I used chopped cashews. I bought them at chandarana did not even know they existed

and your done or

You can  freeze yours like I did  mine





Written by David Mwakodi