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Last year one of my gals, Mo came up with an idea of starting a club in Kakuma. Her brilliant idea was that we start a book club which we all refused because, well it was too…………. (Insert whatever politically correct term you want to put there).

After a lot of thinking and with me starting the blog Liz said we should do a cooking club. It took us forever to have our first meeting and even to coordinate what we wanted to learn. We had the first club meeting at my house and I think we made roast chicken with veggies, it wasn’t too bad but we did not take photos (maybe purposely). After our first meet up I started having an urge to take advantage of the multi-cultural nature of our office. We have international staff from quite a number of countries and I felt that I should at least learn a few of the dishes before I leave Kakuma (God knows when that will be)


Since I have taken a liking to Japanese food I decided to approach Tomoko to teach me how to make Chicken Teriyaki and Karage Chicken (which Liz kept calling Karanga chicken LOL) it was a great night, we learned a lot, ate good food and had lots of laughs. Hope you will enjoy the meal. HAPPY COOKING!!

OOOH Forgot to mention I first heard about Teriyaki chicken from my pal Ngome back in 2006 I had no idea what that was and he thought I was such a shade (ignorant person from the village) well Ngome at least now, 6 years later, I can make it 🙂 .


NB: the photos did not turn out soo great but the food was really tasty, trust me!


*After a lot of public out cry from the brains behind the book club and her cronies I hereby apologize for forgetting whose BRILLIANT idea it was to start the cooking club, the idea was Liz Chege. I am sorry that  forgot 🙂


Cooking Club; Class 2: Japanese: TERIYAKI CHICKEN

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes

Yield: 4


  1. 2 chicken breasts
  2. 2 tablespoons of soy sauce ( Tomoko swears by Kikkoman brand)
  3. 1 tablespoon Mirin ( get from Nakumatt)
  4. 1 tablespoon Sake (get from Healthy U stores, there is one at Westgate and Yaya Malls)
  5. 1 tablespoon of brown sugar
  6. Freshly ground black pepper
  7. A little all-purpose flour
  8. 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil


Place the fillets in between two sheets of cling film and bang them with a meat mallet or rolling pin till thin.

Generously pepper the fillets with the black pepper.Place the peppered fillets in the flour and cover completely with a thin layer.

Mix the mirin, sake and brown sugar in a bowl.

Put about a tablespoon of oil in the pan.

Place the fillets in the pan, pour in the sauce and cook for about 5 mins on each side.

Cut up the cooked fillets and serve. HAPPY EATING!



Written by Wangeci Wandere cici
  • Bubbah

    Cici this 1 I have to try. It looks awesome. Lemmi go tafta that Mirin….. Then I’m on it

  • Cici Wandere

    Great and when u find that Mirin get me some too and the Sake still trying to buy my own

  • john w

    I have to try it coz I’ve got all the ingredients required..lov thiz

    • Wangeci Wandere

      Hey John, do try it and dont forget to come back and tell me how it was

  • Sonia

    Hmmm…I am curious enough to try this one. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Wangeci Wandere

      Hi Sonia, did you try? If so how did you go?

  • Sonia

    Quick question, when you say “cut up the fillet”, is it in small pieced?

    • Wangeci Wandere

      Hi sonia, sorry for the late response. I normally cut it up into long thing strips but any size will do.

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  • Like the idea of a cooking club with internationals. You get to learn other cuisines in an easy, breezy kind of way. Inspiring! Will have to try this chicken, with Sake. Would never dream this recipe up.

    • Wangeci Wandere

      Thanx dear, let me know how it turns out HAPPY COOKING!!