Hi Foodies,

I know I know I have been one naughty girl. I have even stopped telling you the way from now moving forward I will be a better blogger. I give up. I know should be a better blogger. I will purpose to be one I just wont promise you guys anymore.


So for a few weeks now I have been thinking I should start this monthly series where I share with you what I am currently obsessed with mainly in the food world but sometimes it can be a bit outside of food. I hope you enjoy it and you can also share with me what you are currently loving.

Happy Reading!!


1. Ox Tongue

cow tongue


I loved cow tongue as a child. It was that special meal that my dad would make once in a long while. He’d boil the Ox tongue and ox tail for almost a day with onions, celery, salt and God know what else and we’d eat it with just salt. OOOOH MY OOH MY!!! It was so funny how I really enjoyed it yet each time he’d would serve it i would always be warned that I was not to eat it as girls were forbidden from eating the toungue. WHY??? because we then talk too much and eventually never get husbands. Well I do talk to much and I am yet to get married. Wonder if that was the reason 🙂

The reason I rediscovered cow tongue is because it is sold at my local bar Crow Daddy in Embakasi. Saves me the time it taked to boil the tongue my self. So i just buy it boiled then refry if need be.


2. Basil



I have no idea why I just rediscovered basil. I mean it has always been there. I think maybe I did not use the free leaves for so long that I forgot what they taste like but I tell you right now I cook almost all my meals with them. The flavour is sooooo good especially with lamb or fillet steak. I used it in my ox tongue too and it worked. Love it, love it LOVE IT!!


3. Mala from the milk bar in Nyayo Embakasi



Now I love mala, I use it for cooking, in my smoothies and sometimes just for drinking. Reason I love their mala is

1. its 70 b0b for 1 ltr yet the supermarket one is 60 for 500ml

2. its super thick

Due to the thickness it a bit like natural yoghurt and all I do to it sometimes is add fresh fruit and make a flavoured yoghurt. ! YUM!


4. Sweet Chilli Jam

I know I haven’t told you foodies about my new food line. I will do that soon. But for now. I am currently loving the sweet chilli jam from my line. It quite versatile. It is great with cheese and crackers. Amazing with burgers, hotdogs and sandwiches. You just have to try it.


sweet chilli jam


What are you currently loving???





Written by Wangeci