OOOH yes, I’m back. With a big BANG!!! New blog and all.

Did you miss me? I sure did miss you guys and blogging and cooking and posting and.. and .. and the list is endless. So how have u been? What have you been cooking? Whats the new favourite in your kitchen? Any kitchen disasters? Any new tools you bought? I got my self this food processor….. God have I been waiting for that for a long time.

food processor

I also moved from the bush about a year ago, moved to my mamas and then moved out to my own place in November. Here is a bit my new kitchen. i did the cupboards my self. Don’t mind my floor 🙂


kitchen 1kitchen 2

My new cooker looks something like this.



Although it’s a funny make called Uken, I bought that as I am still praying and hoping and waiting for the day I’ll afford a six burner with a full oven at the bottom like this one

6 burner

Now that I have a full oven I downgraded my multi function microwave for a less function but prettier one


I have really well spaced and stocked pantry too



If you remember my Kakuma  home you will know that this is a whole new and exciting upgrade.

I am really excited to start this new journey. I have lots of new things lined up. I am incorporating the whole home into my blog so this is no longer just a food blog; I have decorating tips, organizing tips, cleaning tips, DIY projects, a little bit of plus size fashion etc.

I also have new stuff to get you guys more involved like group restaurant reviews, foodie penpal, foodie cooking and baking challenges and an exciting foodie event coming up soon. So many new and exciting things, ARE YOU EXCITED???? You best be coz I’m SUPER STOCKED!!!!! See you Monday when all the fun begins


Written by Wangeci