images (1)Pintrest is always so pintersting as I was wondering what to do for my next How TO I came across these apple candle holders, how cool are they? This is great decor for an evening dinner party at your house. I think you can even mix red and green apples to make great Christmas decor ( Christmas is less than 80 days away, I’m so excited by Christmas 🙂

If you plan to use a long candle make sure the candle stands completely upright. Make sure your apples can stand up straight or even if they lean its just slightly that way they will stand and not topple over when you put the candle.

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So this is so simple, all you need is; apples, knife, melon baller or tea spoon, tea light candles or long candles and a pen.

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So the process is pretty simple; Place the candle on top of the apple and draw. Try and not draw to far from the outline so that the candle fits and doesnt “float” in the hole



Then use your knife to loosen the apple by cutting along the outline. again try and follow the outline and make the cut smooth so that the candle fits well



Scoop out the cut outline



Place the candle and use 🙂 images (2)

here is a summary

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Photos from Spark and Chemisty, Totally Eillen, blovely events

Written by Wangeci