Corriander cubes

There many a time when we buy fresh herbs but perhaps its just too much or like I show you in this post we always throw out the roots of most fresh herbs which are still packed with lots of flavour. This is a great way of making sure you never get into a situation where you have started to cook and you do not have any dhania in the house. It’s pretty simple and its best done with very fresh herbs, meaning don’t wait till your herbs start to discolour to do this. store them on the day you buy them from the market and use them in your stews.

NB I used oil but you can also use water

1. Choose the herb you want to freeze, this can be anything as long as its fresh


2. Cut the roots off the herbs


3. chop them up


4. Put them in ice cubes trays


5. fill the tray with oil or water


6. Place the tray in the freezer and once they are set remove and store in plastic bags and use in your stews when needed

Corriander cubes


Written by David Mwakodi