How beautiful do those cubes look? They kinda remind me of candy. Makes me want to take one or 3 and pop them in my mouth. But unfortunately they aren’t candy. No, it’s frozen tomato paste.

I’m sure there are many times you have bought tomato paste used half the jar and wondered what to do with the rest. A few years back I’d leave it in the metal container it comes in and maybe wrap with cling wrap. This only worked for a few days before it turned black and mouldy and I had to throw it out. I then changed tactics and started transferring the tomato paste into a glass or plastic container. This worked better than leaving it in the container. It lasted maybe a week or two before it went bad but still I had to think about what to do with the tomato paste all the darn time. I hated it.

So one day as I was watching a food show or reading a magazine, I read about how one can freeze stock in ice cubes and use it later in cooking. I thought I bet this can work with so many other kitchen ingredients like tomato paste, curry pastes, coconut milk etc. And so I tried it with Tomato paste and it worked like a charm.

How Do You Do It?

All you need to do is fill an ice cube tray with the paste. Freeze it. Remove from the tray once completely frozen. Store in a freezer bag or container. And use as needed. This can last about 3 months.

How easy is this?

What kitchen hacks do you use that help you save a few items in the kitchen?

Written by David Mwakodi