You remember I told you a few days ago all the great things that blueband is doing with its new and improved spread? did you read all about? If not read it here

The new and improved spread that is rich in vitamins and also Omega 3 & 6 is good not only for children but also great for the whole family. This is a spread that acts as an anti inflammatory, prevents heart diseases, diabetes and also certain types of cancer. Who in the family does not need that? 

Unfortunately many of us have the notion that fat is bad and that consuming any kind of fat will make gain weight and be unhealthy. That is far from the truth, the truth is that an extremely low-fat diet will not regulate your weight and it will certainly not make you healthier. The fact is, if you don’t get enough fat in your diet, you will actually be less healthy than if you were to consume healthy fats in your diet. Blueband has purposed to bring you this healthy fats to your home. 

Unlike before when we only used this spread in your bread there are many ways to use blueband. How about adding it to your potaoes. Its pretty easy. Here is what I did:


1. I boiled the potatoes in some salt and fresh garlic. I drained them and tossed them to get a bit of rough edges in order to get a crunch. Sorry my photos turned out to be so bad I did not get a good shot.

2. Put some blueband in the pan, once melted added the potaoes and cook until well browned.

3. Once cooked remove from the pan and put in a bowl with paper towel. wipe off all excess oil. Then toss in some sweet chilli sauce




then serve it. its that simple. It gets a bit salty and hot coz of the sweet chilli. Its amazing. The Mr who never eats any kind of spread loved it.


I served it with a garden salad


and T-bone steak


What interesting ways do you use your blueband?

Written by Wangeci