506a1df4dbd0cb3081001010._w.540_s.fit_I love it when I make a saving. You should see me walking around the supermarket when I get a 2-for-1 deal, you’d think I won the lottery.  In our homes it is hard to think of saving once we have bought the items but there are so many ways to be just a little bit frugal in our homes.

I know so many of us throw out a jar when it starts to look empty

Empty Jar of Peanut Butter

what would you be doing with a jar that looks like that you ask. Well, of late I do not throw them out.  Nut butters, jams, marmalade, mayonnaise, mustard, honey etc etc I ain’t throwing nothing out.


I’m not about to throw out a perfectly useful last spoonful of something now I’m I?

How do you use these last spoons you might ask. Here is how:


Pour in a bit of hot water and shake it. You have some honey syrup

Pour in hot water and a teabag you some nice tea and no cleaning up after

Nut Butters


*Make some overnight oats in the jar. All you need is oats, milk/water and fruit if you wish. Stir it all in the jar, live it in the fridge overnight and you have breakfast.

*Make a satay sauce, add some soy sauce, oyster sauce, some ginger and garlic. give  it a good shake and add it to your stir fries or use it as a marinade for meats.


Jams/ Marmalades

*Add in some vinegar, corn starch and water if needed shake shake shake. Add it to your stir fry

Nutella/Chocolate spread


*This is one of my favourite hacks. I add in a little hot milk, shake shake shake it like it owed me money to get all the chocolate melted into the milk. Then I add in really cold milk and some cream shake a gain then top with ice cubes. Iced Hot chocolate


* Or just add hot milk, you can add in some ginger or mint shake and have some really rich hot chocolate.

* Add in milk shake, then add in cereal and eat.


*Add in some vinegar, garlic, olive oil and honey to get a vinegraitte

*Add some horsereddish, mayo amd paprika and use it as a marinade

*Add some sour cream, yoke of a hard boiled egg shake, shake, shake and you have some Mayo


What saving tips do you use in your home?







Written by Wangeci