Soko254-Kenyas best food blogger-Soko254 food market-africas top food blogger I love how there are so many young people doing amazing things in this country. What I love even more is how many of those people are women. There are so many young women starting and doing amazing things in this town in so many industries. Have you seen all the amazing hair product lines that are out there? Have you seen all the beautiful jewelry being made by young women in this country? Young people selling clothes, perfumes doing boot sales. My God it’s amazing! I love being a woman at this time. There is this amazing lady called Maggie Muthama who has come up with with an amazing pop up foodies market concept. Maggie  runs AM Cafe, an online social enterprise that sells amazing cakes and pastries and also  provides urban youth who want to pursue careers in the increasingly profitable food industry in Kenya with access to social and economic capital. As in how cool is that??? I might just pay them a visit soon to see what they have to offer in terms of access to capital because anyone who is just starting their business knows how hard it is to access capital.  Other than the online enterprise Maggie  wanted to get space to run her business but found it to be very expensive. To counter this she decided to do pop up cafes in order to get space for her business yet not have to pay for it permanently. As she looked for space to do this she realized that getting space was still quit unaffordable so what was the next best thing? Create a space where she could share with other start up entrepreneurs who were going through the same thing. And that marked the birth of SOKO254  SOKO254 is a food market that aims to bring good food products to you. You know those food products that are made with love and aren’t available in shelves yet? Those amazing household products that are maybe handmade or locally made or maybe just some young person with an online shop sells. Yes that is what is going to be at SOKO254 this Saturday 19th at Zen Gardens. With over 20 food and household goods vendors SOKO254 is promising to be a market that will excite and awaken your senses. There will be lots of amazing items on sale; cakes, cookies, to gourmet nut butters, Blog-Pic-4 jams from Jars of Goodness jars-of-goodness   and salad dressings, to extra virgin olive oil fresh off the boat from Italy, to outdoor ovens, to beautiful hand-made ceramics, pottery-at-soko254 to coffee grown on a family farm, to the most amazing natural extracts. It is going to be an amazing foodie day. Best of all I will be there selling my amazing nut butters, sauces and savory jams. sweet-chilli-sauce   How do you get there? Well you grab your advanced tickets on for only Ksh 800 or at the gate for Ksh 1000. But there are such great perks for buying advanced tickets * You save Ksh 200 and *You stand a chance to win an amazing hamper with the following goodies

1.Chocolate chip cookies from AM Cafe

2. Cashew Coconut Butter from Bintis Life Foods

3. A miniature jiko memento from Cookswell Jikos

4. A beautiful vase and bowl from Eastleigh Pottery

5. Paradise in a Jar (Pinacoloda jam) from Jars of Goodness

6. A variety of natural extracts from Naisenya Foods

7. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
8. An afternoon with a celebrity chef who will prepare a 3 course meal for a lucky winner using Olitalia products and condiments
What more motivation do you need? Go on to and grab your ticket to this amazing foodie experience and stand a chance to win.
See you there!
Written by Wangeci