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Bright sunny days, blue skies and long grass, children playing or a couple laughing. That is what I think about when I think of sunflowers. Happiness. Love. Laughter. Fun. Food. All things nice. When I got a request to do a review of Rinsun Sunflower Oil I was quite excited because it’s something I have used and a product I am well familiar with. All the request did for me was give me room to look for more ideas on how to use it and boy was I not surprised.

Rinsun Sunflower oil is made by pressing sunflower seeds to produce a light flavoured oil that is healthier for you than many other vegetable oils. It has a good fatty acid content, which includes palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, and linoleic acid. The combination of these fatty acids in our bodies is important to maintain good health.

Sunflower oil, unfortunately,has been known to have a bad reputation due to the fact that it contains linoleic acid which is essentially an Omega 6 fatty acid. What most people do not realise is that you need to have a good balance of Omega 3 & 6 in order to keep your cholesterol levels at a healthy optimum. Rinsun sunflower oil helps us obtain this balance.

I have been using Rinsun sunflower oil for making my stir fries mainly because it has a “high smoke point” that means that the oil can get very hot without it smoking the way olive oil or other vegetable oils do. It is also good for frying due to this same fact. Beware though not to let it smoke as after it smokes all the health benefits are thrown out the window as the fats change form poly saturated to monosaturated fats.

Another way to use Rinsun Sunflower oil is to grease pans before you bake. This is in place of margarine or butter. It is definitely easier to spread and you end up with less fat win-win. I also use it to make vinaigrette for my salad. It is really simple , all you need to do is put 3 parts of sunflower oil to 1 part of vinegar of your choice ( white, red wine. balsamic etc) then add salt and pepper if you wish and any other flavours eg garlic, rosemary or any other herbs

As I was doing my research what I found most interesting were the beauty benefits of using sunflower oil. Rinsun Sunflower oil is rich on Vitamin A, D & E and has numerous benefits for your beauty regimen. Here are a few

1. It is a great natural lightener. This means that anything on your skin that has gotten darker it will lighten: Your armpits, under eye, pimple scars, dark spots, other skin lesions or scars. I started using Rinsun Sunflower oil about 1.5 weeks ago on my armpits and I am amazed that I can see a change in my armpits.

2. It is good for acne prone skin and has even been proven to help clear acne as it is high in linoleic acid. It has helped clear many peoples’ acne and also reduce the appearance of acne scars.

3. As a moisturizer it helps give your skin a beautiful glow and guess what? it is amazing with oily skin. How you may ask. Well, by applying oil on your skin it tricks your skin to think it does not need to produce more oil and also because of the linoleic acid it unclogs pores by 25% in a few weeks.

4. It is good for your hair as it adds luster and gives it a beautiful shine and also helps with dry itchy scalps.

5. It is also a good make up remover

Well then foodies, tell me how else do you use your Rinsun Sunflower Oil?

Written by Wangeci