It’s so weird how you can live somewhere forever or pass on a certain street almost everyday but never notice something. How a foreigner can come to your country and tell you about where to find very interesting things. Fun fact I learned the other day. In industrial area the streets are in alphabetical order. I was born and brought up in Nairobi, I never knew this. This I was told by a foreigner!!

Shagz (up country, where grandparents live) is in Nyeri. i have been to Nanyuki often and a few years ago Shagz moved to Chaka which is on the Nyeri- Nanyuki Highway. For some reason I never noticed it till early this year when I was driving to Nanyuki. When one of my new foodie friends, that I met on Foodies Club Nairobi Facebook Group,told me its really good I just had to go and boy was it not nice.

The restaurant is on your left hand side as you drive to Nanyuki., about 15 minutes from Chaka town before you get to Naru Moro. They have a large sign board on your right and a smaller one on your left.New ImageAs you walk in you are met by a beautiful wooden structure. The whole place is made from wood. Very country. I loved it


I loved  the simplicity of it all. and what I loved and hated most in equal measure, they close at 4pm. Meaning business is that good, meaning you have to adhere to their times if you wish to eat there. That’s really cool yet for me who got there at 3pm it felt a little rushed, I could not even have a second drink.

Enough ranting. Their menu was good, not too expensive. On average their meals cost 1150. They had 3 beef options, not sure why one would go there for beef but hey, we live in a free country. They have one vegetarian option and no vegan options

When you sit they bring you this amazing buns with butter. The bread was so good. I had one and a half. The second was coz I just couldn’t help my self but I had to stop otherwise I would be too full for lunch.


I ordered a grilled fillet that came with a vegetable kebab and some garlic butter. It was soo good. But it got cold and these people did not have a microwave!!! as in WHO DOES THAT???? so my fish was put back on the grill but  the fries had to be eaten cold


So the place has resident monkeys that join you for lunch LOL


It is so funny I actually had to be given a broom stick to  sit with so as to chase the monkeys away. They also have squirrels sooo cute

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I had some dawa to wash it down. YUM and I was on my way home.

So what is the amazing news???

Well I started a Youtube Channel. It’s all about Food and Home. I hope you will love it as much as I do. Subscribe and share the foodie love. Leave a comment and tell me what you think.



Written by Wangeci