African Kaya-Currently Loving- Kenyan Foodie-Kenyan Food blogger-top kenyan food blogger-Kenyan food-Kenyan recipes Once in a while I give you a list of things I am loving. This is meant to be a more regular feature so I promise to do better and post it every 2 months 🙂 So here is a list of things I am currently loving. Both foodie and none foodie related.


If you follow me on social media or on my personal Facebook profile I do not have to explain this. I recently became a Mum and it is such a wonderful feeling. My daughter, Muthoni, is such an adorable little terrorist. She makes me want to pull my hair and open up my heart and throw her in it all in the same breath. It is definitely not an experience one can explain but one that is so worth it every single day.

Bone Broth

Well, again this goes without saying. After birth one needs all the calcium they can get. I love boiling oxtail with leeks, garlic and onions then drinking up the soup. It is great for calcium, amino acids as well as collagen.


I first bought dates to help ripen my cervix o as to bring on labour. BUT my water broke at the parking lot at Galleria Shopping mall just after I bought them. I did eat them through labour as they are said to help hasten the process and I haven’t stopped since. I have a few of them daily as they are said to help with milk production and they also help me with my sugar cravings.

Frozen Nyama Choma

My dad is so extra, after the birth of Muthoni he sends me lots of meat so that i can breastfeed his grandchild. He sends me bones for soup and fresh meat and sometimes a WHOLE dhoba sheep that has been chomwad (BBQ) so i always have lots of choma in my freezer. It might sound weird but it is such an amazing thing to have. Makes entertaining so easy and I also can never luck something to eat. They come cutup into different cuts (leg, hindleg, ribs, mutura etc) so I wrap them very well in foil, freeze and when I am ready to eat i just pop them into the oven to warm through. Like this piece that we had for dinner Saturday night.

Safaricom Home Fibre

I moved house in November from Embakasi where I was using Safaricom and moved to an estate with barely any internet providers. We just got connected on the SHF service a few weeks ago and I am so in love with it. Fast speeds and barely any downtime. I would definitely recommend them.


Written by Wangeci