I’m a cheapie, I am proudly Frugal. I can do anything to save an extra shilling. It is a surprise I took so long to go to the Highridge market even after hearing about it for a few years now.

The market is located in Parklands area in Nairobi. Inside the mall that The corner of 3rd Parklands and Masari roads.

I went shopping for fruits at the Highridge wholesalers market today, that is located at the parking lot where Nakumatt is situated. Been hearing of it for years but never really went. Now foodies this is where you want to buy your fruits. It’s quite cheap for some items.

The market runs from 4am to around 8.00 am Monday to Saturday

This is what I got

Kiwi Ksh 50 each the pack was Ksh 250 supermarket price is Ksh 100 each. Hawkers sell at 80

Grapes 180. Hawkers sell at 250/300 supermarkets at 500+ if you buy a tray the price goes down to 150

Strawberries Ksh 50. Hawkers at 100, supermarket from 200

Apples Ksh 25 bob, Hawkers Ksh 30, supermarkets Ksh 40 plus. You can buy a whole carton at 3k for 150 apples

Oranges Ksh 20, Hawkers Ksh 30, supermarkets Ksh 40 plus. Again if you buy a box the price is cheaper.

Bananas at Ksh 6.50 each, Hawkers Ksh 10, supermarkets around ksh 12/13.

Mushrooms Ksh 200, Hawkers Ksh 250 supermarket Ksh 350. This again was because I only took otherwise it would be cheaper.

I will definitely be going back. Where do you buy your fruits and vegetables at a bargain?

Written by Wangeci