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There are very few events or times that I absolutely look forward to during the year. My absolute favourite is Christmas. I love the trees and the deco, I love carols, I love how people are so easy with money and how much families come together and make merry. I love everything about Christmas other than how much things cost at that time. My second most favourite time during any year, my birthday. I love birthdays. Mine especially. I love fussing over myself and having other people fuss over me. I love presents. I love making my own cake, love being taken out. Gosh, can’t August get here already!!!

The other events I look forward to are food based. Nairobi Restaurant week (NRW) hosted by Eat Out Kenya and Nairobi Cocktail week hosted by Aqueous Nairobi. This is the 3rd year of NRW. Just in case you, absurdly, are not familiar with NRW it is a fantastic time when specific restaurants offer a discounted set menu. This year NRW runs from 28th Jan to 7th Feb 2016 and there are about 60 participating restaurants. The price range is 1500 to 2500 for a 3 course menu. That is quite a deal.

60 is quite a large number and I have no idea which restaurants I want to go to. I know I want to try Mama Ashanti as I have heard lots of great things about them but have never been there. I would also like to try Jiko at Tribe, Ooh Cha Noodle bar, Caramel. My God, the list is too long and the pockets are a bit limited hehe


What restaurants do you plan to visit?

Written by Wangeci