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How are you guys doing? How are you doing with your news year’s resolutions? Did you have any? I actually decided not to have any this year, really. Only thing I have purposed to do is to be more positive. Speak life into every aspect of my life. The verse my family and I are living on this year is Numbers 14:28 “Surely as I live declares the Lord, I will do to you the very thing what I heard you say” So positive things only. There is a lot of positive things happening in my life too, a lot of things to be grateful for.


So a few months or weeks ago I told you guys that I wasn’t drinking at the Jack Daniels Brothers of the Grill event. In the same post I promised you guys I would tell you why. I got lots of messages with ladies guessing what it was so now let me tell you.

Wangeci Wandere- African Kaya-The Mothership-Kenyan food blogger-Kenyan mummy blogger-top Kenyan blogger-African food blogger

We are having a baby!!! I am super excited. I just cannot wait to meet my little bub. It has been quite an exciting journey for me to be honest. Or maybe I should say different from what everyone was telling me to expect.

Before I got pregnant all I ever heard was the negative side of pregnancy. How sick I will be, how I will feel like shit, how ugly I will feel etc etc. I remember I once said to my pregnant friend that I couldn’t wait to be pregnant so that I could dress up and show off my bump and my huge boobs. In my mind my boobs were always huge in pregnancy hehehe . She categorically told me that I would not be feeling like dressing up all through my pregnancy and that I would feel so shitty. This was said to me numerous of times. Negativity negativity negativity.

Well I did get pregnant and guess what. It has been awesome. I never got morning sickness. Thank the Lord. I have actually been so blessed. I never got nausea or the metallic taste or any of those many many symptoms that guys get. I only got super sleepy. Like SUPER so bad I once almost had an accident and after that I decided I would just pack on the side of the road if I felt that sleepy. I feel fantastic. The only issues I have had were with my gut (constipation and running tummy) and headaches at some point, but that I dealt with. I will soon tell you how.

I dress up, I wear my heels sometimes, wear wedges, I have no large boobs to show off so that I don’t do LOL, I generally eat well. I have actually been eating very well in terms of balanced diet, I have actually lost about 8 kgs coz of this. All healthy coz I was overweight. I drink lots of water, 3 to 4 litres a day on average. Way more than before despite being told how much I will hate water.  I have no cravings really. None of those “I couldn’t live without mutura from the streets or sijui miwa from a particular vendor. I do get cravings sometimes but nothing that I can’t control or that will make me kill to get.

What I have learnt so far  is that pregnancy and life is a personal journey. People have so many opinions on why you cannot or can never. Why you will fail. People rarely tell you “I did not feel like dressing up when I was pregnant, maybe you will or pray you will” no because they did not then you can not. In the past 6 years of my life or maybe even since I was a teen I have encountered so many of these naysayers. Just brush them off and have your own experience. I have had very little of what everyone said I would. I am not saying people do not go through all the negative aspects of life or pregnancy. They do but I think also when you listen too much to people and expect to be sick as a dog, you will be sick as a dog coz remember “Numbers 14:28” God does exactly what you say, law of attraction. When I left Australia to come back home majority of folk said I would fail, I did not I got a job in 6 months. When I quit my well paying job coz I was tired and just needed to do something else everyone said I would fail. I haven’t. Even with my blog, my cottage business, getting a baby when I am not yet HUGE in business I have been told is a mistake I should have waited 6 years according to some quarters.

Imagine there is no blueprint for how to live life. This year do you. Dare to have your own dreams, your own thoughts. Dare to curve out your own road. It will be hard being different. But imagine, just imagine. It will be so so awesome. Trust me.

So tell me what have you been trying to do that everyone says you can not do? What have guys told you in advance will be bad for you or will be disastrous but ended up being awesome?

Oh by the way I am 7.5 months pregnant. Only 2.5 months to go. I bet it will be wonderful. The 10 weeks and motherhood. I will be telling you what natural remedies I used to get through some stuff I went through like the gut issues and the most annoying cough I have ever had, all naturally. No meds.

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Written by Wangeci