So I started my garden about a month ago and I was pretty excited about it. There is always a sense of satisfaction when one starts on a project that they have been thinking and talking about for ages. So that is exactly how I felt…satisfied..achieved …

Fast forward two weeks later…….my plants aren’t doing so well 🙁

My spinach seedlings have been eaten by birds,


my lettuce, as expected have not grown much,


The chilies have sprouted out a bit




but on the bright side my dhanias (coriander) seems to be doing pretty well and


my carrots


and spring onions

are looking good too.


I posted on my FB wall about my dilemma and I got some suggestions about using the neem plant as a pesticide but I have no idea where to get it. I ended up sending someone to AgroVet to get me some pesticide and they gave me some pesticide so I’m waiting too see how it goes in the mean time the pictures of my garden so far are above.

Written by Wangeci Wandere cici