Its been about a month and a half since I started my little garden. I was not too happy with my progress when I wrote about it earlier in this month and now two weeks later I think I am even sadder (is that even a word?)

In the previous week or so there had been a lot of controversy in my office surrounding the guy who works for me and my friend. The guy is VERY hard working I love him but there were issues with him watering our plants and doing other things. After a lot of push and pull he was in the end allowed to work on our gardens but not during his official working hours. In as much as this was annoying the worst part during that week was when one night, I was in Nairobi at the time, my plants were watered and everything was good then the next morning the guy who waters them came and found that my carrots, chillies and spring onions had ALL BEEN UPROOTED!!!!!

I was soo pissed of that someone can be sooo malicious to com

e to a garden that I am working hard on and uproot my plants. I had actually thought that maybe it was a mistake but the term that was used to explain what was found was “kulikaa nikama mtu alikuwa anavuna mhogo” ( it looked like someone was harvesting yams) meaning that it was a planned “harvest”. But anyway……..

My plants, the ones that survived seem to be doing well.

My baby spinach have really grown. We decided to cover the seed bed with a mosquito net to stop the birds from feasting on them.

The lettuce, that I had previously thought had refused to grow, have also really sprouted and seem to be doing good.


The dhania (coriander) are also doing pretty well.

 All in all I think I’m not doing too badly. Another update will come soon.

Written by Wangeci Wandere cici