I started this blog almost 7 months ago in December 2011. That was after me having the idea since 2010 but never really having the “syke” to start. when I started i never imagined it would be this “hard”. I had assumed that because I LOVED to cook it would be as easy as cooking, taking a photo and posting…. BUT it is not that easy. So many times I find that I have to research on food before I cook, I have to look for new ways to make things, new ingredients, new recipes, new everything. Although this is quite exciting it is also quite time consuming but i have loved every single moment  of it.

Today i start a new site, hopefully this will be a new lease of life for me and my blog. I still have quite a long way to go as i work on this site, new pages to put up, colors to change, things tweek here and there but soon it will look very fabulous. Wish me luck and Please like my  Facebook page HERE HAPPY READING, COOKING AND EATING!!!

Written by Wangeci Wandere cici
  • Grace

    All the best girl

    • Cici Wandere

      Thanx Grace for the encouragement. Hope you will keep reading. Spread the word. HAPPY COOKING!!

  • Eunny

    Great work gal, i admire your dedication. Keep it up.
    I love trying your recipes. Been really helpful for me.

    • Cici Wandere

      Thanx Euny. Please leave a comment on the recipes you’ve tried and let me know what you think. Thanx for the support. Please spread the word. HAPPY COOKING!!

  • angela wangui nderitu

    My d ear,you motivate me each day.am impressd nd pleasantly surprisd,kudos;-) how do i join u blog?love love u stuff…bless u dia.miss u,its byn lng

    • Cici Wandere

      Thanx dear. you can like my FB page by clicking on the FB button at the top left of the blog or even the RRS feed right next to it so as to get to know when i post. HAPPY COOKING!!

  • SJ

    Hey, this looks great! good work! i like the blue theme 🙂 sasa tutakula hiyo food lini?

    • Cici Wandere

      Food you can have whenever you want… I have you to thank for a lot of the work on this site and a lot more that you will still do 🙂

  • Wolani

    Here is to new beginnings and I can’t wait to try your yummy dishes!

    • Cici Wandere

      thanx dear. Thank you for the support. Let me know what recipes you try and how u go. HAPPY COOKING!!

  • Phyllis Ndegwa

    Oh my! this is excellent work. I shall try the lamp recipe this Friday for hubby when he comes.

    Keep it Up Dear!!!

    • Cici Wandere

      Please try and let me know how you go. HAPPY COOKING!

  • GN

    Nice, its back! Keep the blog going, props!

    • Cici Wandere

      Thanx dear

  • Michelle Mutimu

    Great work Wangeci. I remember you telling me you’ve always loved & had a great passion for cooking so it’s amazing to see you involve yourself with this. Keep up the spirit & thank you for sharing your lovely receipes with us. Will definately try them soon 🙂

    • Wangeci Wandere

      Thanx michelle, I appreciate. Well its true iv always had a passion for food so this was a way to channel that in this desert that i live in. Keep reading and please spread the word. HAPPY COOKING!!