About Wangeci

pic-300x225Iam a food enthusiast who has always had a love for all things food, from cooking and eating to entertaining.  When I was a little girl my mum bought me a small jiko ( a ceramic charcoal powered stove) it was pretty small about the size of a big tin of Milo, it came complete with miniature utensils, a sufuria (cooking pot), a frying pan, a wok, a karai (a chapati tawa) a slotted spoon, mwiko (wooden cooking spoon) etc etc. Mum would prepare her meals, then give me a little piece of everything so that I could cook along side her with my miniature jiko. So as other children were pretend cooking I was already preparing real food.
I am a big believer that ANYBODY can cook whether you live in a bedsitter (studio apartment) or a lavish duplex, whether your a bachelor who just moved out of home or a mother of 4 kids. I started this blog in Kakuma refugee Camp where I lived in a tiny studio apartment and I barely get any supplies so if I could do it so can you.
I have since moved back to Nairobi and have a bigger kitchen with better equipment.  So join me in discovering how to spice up your meals using supplies that you can find in your local supermarkets.