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So of late I have been such a lazy cook. Yaani when I cook I just want to be out of my kitchen in the shortest time possible. Now this does not always work in my favour coz I also love good food. Many times if I make food that is not tasty I am most likely not going to eat it, I have also gotten the Mr into this bad habit so he also won’t eat and we end up looking for a whole new meal.

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One of the things I decided to do towards the end of last year was eat out more. I am a foodie, love my food but I find that I get dissapointed quite often that I generally just end up cooking most times as I feel it is a better use of my time and money. But a few months ago I decided to try out new places and I have been pleasantly surprised. I have found some places that are quite nice and others just ok.

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Hi Guys,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! What were you guys up to during the holidays? I traveled quite a bit  went to Mombasa which Muthoni loved (my 9 months old) she had so much fan. We then went to Embu, came back to Nairobi for Xmas then to Nanyuki for a wedding.

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