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Lamb chops- Kenyan lamb-Kenyan food- Kenyan food blog-African food blogger-Kenyan food blogger-african food blogger- lamb chops-African Kaya

The love for lamb chops in the Kihara house hold is super-normal. I think if we could we would have it maybe 3 or 4 times a week and feel zero about it. We always have it with potatoes and salad and sometimes when we are on a health journey we skip the salad and have just potatoes. Hahahaha

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Roast drumsticks with bbq sauce- Kenyan chicken recipe-Kenyan chicken-Kuku choma-Kenyan food-Kuku- Kenyan food blogger- top kenyan blogger-Top african food bloggerIf there is one thing I love it must be easy to make meals. Those that require very little standing time and yet are still tasty. For me this were my go to recipes when I was hangovered or just on a lazy Sunday. But ever since becoming a mum such kind of recipes are my everyday meals. Quick, easy and tasty.

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Coleslaw salad- coleslaw-how to make coleslaw-coleslaw recipe-Kenyan food-Kenyan food blogger-Kenyan salad-Top Kenyan food blogger-Top Kenyan blogger-Top african food blogger-African food blogger

If there is one salad that is popular in our home it’s coleslaw. Growing up my parents run a catering business. They had a chef called Ivuti who made amazing food and taught me quite a bit of what I know now. Now Ivuti made Really good coleslaw that my brother Nyaga loved. But Ivuti could not for the life of him pronounce Coleslaw.  He always said Coneslaw.

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