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So Xmas is less than 3 weeks away. It is definitely my fav holiday of the year.  I love the deco, the trees, the lights, I love love the parties, the drinking, the dancing, the indulging without a care in the world. Waiting to get fit in January. It is probably the only time you get to see some family members. Eat some of your fav meals from some of your aunties. It is really a jolly good time.

 With Christmas also comes lots of cooking. I love to entertain but sometimes I have no idea what to cook. If there is a time of year I get calls of “Wangeci, how do I make….” “Wangeci I have Kuku, give me a nice recipe to wow my guests”


So coz I love y’all so much here is a compilation of different recipes you can use for Xmas or even this weekend. It is a long weekend I am sure some of you will be entertaining.


Kuku Kienyeji Wet Fry

Roasted chicken with lemons 

Roasted Chicken with onions 

Satay Chicken Skewers (Substitute with beef, can be made on a grill )

Dhania Chicken (So good with Chapati)

Beef and Goat

Beef in coconut and dhania sauce

Mbuzi fry

Mongolian Beef


Ginger and Soy Pork Chops 

Sweet Heat Pork Ribs (Great for the BBQ)


Chicken Biryani

Chicken Pilau

Sweet and spicy Coconut Rice

Lemon and dhania rice


Mango and Cucumber salad 


Lemon, lime and bitters 

Easy Bakes

Easy one bowl Chocolate cake

Easy one bowl Apple cake

Mexican 3 milk Cake

I hope this will sort you out. Happy cooking and happy Holiday!


Written by Wangeci