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This past weekend I went for an event organised by Supreme Chefs Kenya , an association for chefs in Kenya. The event was a Chefs cooking competition and one of the guests/ friends of Supreme chefs was Chef Philippe Frydman. We had a chat with him when I told him I have an artisinal business where I make and sell sauces, savoury jams and gourmet nut butters. He was quite excited and started to tell me how artisans make amazing items and how some of the things we buy are so easy to make.

He then told me how easy it is to make homemade ricotta cheese. I mean I have seen people post that they make it. I assumed it wasn’t that hard but no one ever told me it’s as easy as boiling milk with some yoghurt, straining and eating., and bam you have some homemade ricotta cheese. How easy? I just had to try it. and it was amazing.

Now you know how something comes your way and it just works in your favour. Well y’all know about the conglomerate of food and lifestyle bloggers I am a part of, Onja, right? And y’all know that every month we have a theme that we all write about. Well this month Moha of foodsandfoodies.wordpress.com gave us the word for the month. WHITE. How confused were we? How do you mix white and food? Well later I actually had four ideas but because homemade ricotta cheese was most exciting that is what I chose to share with you.

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Written by Wangeci