HIYA!!   yes I’m back. Bet you missed me as much as I missed you. I know I have been bad, I am really having a had time balancing my life ever since I moved back to Nairobi. But thats no excuse I will purpose to do better by you. So Tuesday’s will be organization day. Hope you will enjoy the tips and tricks as much as I do. I decided to start with onions because I love onions so I always buy them in bulk and this has saved me from my onions going bad a few weeks in.

The best thing about this is it uses pantyhose that you would otherwise throw out.  

I bet all women know how frustrating it is for your pantyhose to run especially when your out, it is quite annoying for when you get home with the looking like this:   foodieinthedesert.com   This panty house did not last me through my first bathroom break!!, by the time I went to the bathroom and tried putting them back on they’d started running. No they did not get caught on my nails, they are just really bad quality. I bought this for about 170/= at Bata. they are horrible but gotta admit at that price they are life savers and they also look very nice, just thee right amount of sheer. But that’s not the point of this post 🙂 So once they run, as they eventually will cut the leg part off, then place your onions in one at a time and tie after each onion, when your ready to use u just cut off the pantyhose at the “pocket” holding the onion. This way your onions can last up to and more than three months especially if you dry them well before storage, and keep them in a cool dry place away from sunlight as sunlight makes them bitter foodieinthedesert.com   HAPPY ORGANIZING!!

Written by David Mwakodi