Pintrest is oooooh so PINTERESTING!!! I just love the things that you find on there. You should join it. I found this tree pinned by one of the people I follow and I knew that I just had to try it.  I got the recipe/ instructions from Can’t Stop Making Things it’s a very interesting site, you should stop by.

The original recipe asked for chocolate chips but because foodie in the desert is all about making things more accessible and easier for all of you to make I used normal Cadbury’s milk chocolate. I reckon if you used chocolate chips or dark chocolate it would really be tasty but this is more expensive and less accessible to most

Don’t you just love how it looks??? It will make a great centre piece for your X-mas lunch/dinner. HAPPY MAKING!!



  • 300 gms chocolate of your choice (I used Cadbury’s milk)
  • 750 gms strawberries (Make sure they vary in size, large, medium, small)
  • A party hat
  • Wax paper or baking parchment
  • A plate or flat surface



  1. Wrap the party hat with the parchment/wax paper. Fasten with tape. Fill the inside of the hat with old newspaper to make it steady and place it on a plate or cake base.
2. Remove hull the strawberries (remove the green leaves and leave the base flat) and clean them.
3. Break the chocolate into pieces and melt in the microwave. To do this put the chocolate in for 30 secs then if it’s not melted put it back in for 10 seconds interval stirring after every 10 secs. Make sure you do not do it for too long.


4. Now place the base of the strawberry in the chocolate then place it on the already prepared “party hat”. Make sure you start with the largest

me trying to get the job done

5. Once you get to the top apply chocolate on the tip then put the remaining chocolate into a plastic bag, snip a very small hole at the corner and pipe a few stars onto a wax paper, put it into the fridge till it hardens,

6. remove from the wax paper carefully and use more extra chocolate to stick the stars onto the tree.HAPPY EATING!!!!

strawberry chocolate xmas tree



Written by Wangeci Wandere cici