So over the last few weekends my friends have all been home on R&R (rest and recuperation) and its been quite a lonely time 🙁 You sometimes do not realise that its the people in your life that make it your life till hey ALL leave you in the desert. Anyway last weekend i invited my friends Dennis and Krista to come over for dinner and i made a fish curry, some rosemary potatoes and dhania rice. I think they quite enjoyed it. after dinner we decided to go over to their compound ( we work for different organizations) for a drink.


So we went and i THINK they do not sell spirits in tots so we had to buy a whole bottle. I then got a bottle of Johnnie  Walker. As i drunk it i kept think ” gosh this thing has a funny taste” but my other voice told me i was being paranoid.


On to the morning AFTER!!! I woke up feeling like I had drunk a whole litre of vodka even though I had probably only had about 4 tots. i felt ill. My head was paining and it wasn’t paining, my stomach was paining and it wasn’t paining, i was thirsty but i didn’t want water. it was such a HORRIBLE feeling. So i decided to look at the bottle that i had bought at Kathrines and what was the first thing i saw????? the seal on the cap was written 750ml!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh. ok then i put it aside and forgot about it as i nursed my hang over.

Two nights ago I decided to compare the Johnnie I bought at Kathrines with what I had from the commissary and boy was there a big difference! As evident on the photo the color on the smaller bottle is much lighter, the smell is also a bit different and obviously from experience the taste is too.This guys of river road seem to have penetrated all markets. How sad!!

Well I am never buying a bottle from there again. Might just resort to carrying a sippy cup 🙂

Written by Wangeci Wandere cici
  • Mother of Two.

    Gosh love…pole sana.Perils of drinking in a local…Is Dennis cute?

    • Cici Wandere

      Hahahha I like the name 🙂 Dennis..well if you do not know him come il introduce you to him and you can judge for yourself

  • Mother of none

    I have gone through this for a couple of times until I swore off drinking, it doesn’t matter where you are those bar people will get to you, you go to a classy bar and the waiter and bar men are in cahoots and serve you lite industries concoction..the hangie the next day can kill you and you throw up your hyper in no time and totally wasted..who will help us? Vodka is the worst..

    • Cici Wandere

      I see tuko wengi, I went to wine bar once i was given fake Viceroy I had a hangie before i even left the bar, you do not want to know how i felt the next day. Thanx for reading and please like my FB page and do tell your friends. HAPPY COOKING!