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Hey foodie mamas, hahah yes. I totally just made that up! LOL. So I started a new segment last week for foodies like me who are going through pregnancy and later own parenting and stuff. The reason I say foodies is coz in as much as this will be about motherhood it will still revolve around food. But if you aren’t a foodie stick around I am sure you will still learn a thing or two as we go along.

Now headaches. Not fun. Actually they are so annoying when you are pregnant. I had a few in my first trimester. I think for about 3 weeks I’d have a head ache on and off. The worst part is I felt guilty taking medicine. I actually think I have taken painkillers just once this whole pregnancy. I feel like I am doing something wrong. So the one time I did I had reached my wits end.

Headaches in pregnancy are caused by different things. In your first trimester it is normally from a surge of hormones and increase of blood.  In the third trimester it can be caused by poor sitting and sleeping posture or lack of sleep. Other causes of headaches could be low blood sugar, high blood pressure, dehydration etc

If you have a headache that has persisted for long and is accompanied by swelling, dizziness, tight knotting pain in your upper right stomach as these could be signs of something more serious.

Other than the above, good news is, common headaches can be prevented or treated with a few food related home remedies. Here are a few and why they work

  1. Salads: Lettuce and baby spinach are high in water content and can help with dehydration if that is the cause of your headache. However, please not that when dealing with raw veggies you must clean them very well to avoid issues with food poisoning.
  2. Watermelon: High in magnesium that helps to prevent headaches and also has a high water content that also helps with dehydration
  3. Whole grain bread or carbs: If you have a dip in sugars, low blood sugar, whole grains can help you raise your sugar levels in a healthy way. Whole grains are slow in releasing energy therefore keeping your energy levels high throughout the day.
  4. Almonds: High in magnesium just like watermelon and help relax blood vessels. It also contains Tryptophan which is a feel good amino acid that assists in the treatment and prevention of headaches
  5. Other high magnesium foods: Like bananas, apricots, cashews, avocados, seeds all assist in the prevention of headaches
  6. Spicy foods and Chilli: If your headache is caused by a sinus issue. Spicy food can help clear and open up the sinus
  7. Spinach: Other than having a high water content that helps with dehydration it also helps lower blood pressure in case your headaches are caused by a high BP.
  8. Potatoes with skin on: The skin is rich in potassium that assists in the prevention of heachaches and also reduces nausea. Double win
  9. Mushrooms and asparagus: High in Vitamin B2 and riboflavin that both assist in the reduction of migraines
  10. Yoghurt: It is high in calcium that helps to relax your body and keep energy levels high and reduce inflammation. Plus is also has good bacteria that helps prevent yeast. Too many wins on this one.
  11. Water: Of course hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate.

But remember to see your doctor if your headache persists and always trust your gut more than anything else.

Happy Baby carrying!

Written by Wangeci