Who does not love Chocolate? If you don’t then you need to sit at a corner and think about where you went wrong with your life. Chocolate is life. The smell, the taste, the texture. You can add it to anything, in desserts, in a stew, in a hot drink, in a cocktail. I love how versatile it is. I love the flavour it adds to dishes. You really need to experiment more with it. Perhaps I should share more recipes, but in the mean time try my Hot chocolate 

When it comes to cake I love Java’s Chocolate fudge cake. It is so dark and rich and I just love everything about it. When I was looking and experimenting on different home recipes to try I was looking for something similar but different. This is my absolute favourite chocolate cake. I shared the recipe here in June 2012. I tripled that recipe and divided it in 3 baking tins. The whole process is quite easy. I love naked cakes, I have zero patience with decorating cakes so I am so into this style of decorating. I hope you will find it as easy too.


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Once the cake is cooked you can choose to slice into 2 layers like I did and have 6 layers or just level the top and have 3 layers.


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I then whipped up some double cream. You can also use whipping cream. I whipped to stiff peaks then layered the caked. On each layer I placed some strawberries and grapes before placing the next layer





pile the cakes on top of each other placing as much fruit as you like. As you place the fruit please remember that the fruit goes bad in a day or so.


You don’t have to be very very neat as the unfinished look is what we are after. Once all the layers are done, dust some icing sugar then throw on your fruits. Whatever fruits you want as much as you like.




How easy is that. This style of cakes were made for the lazy at heart like me


Happy Baking!!

Written by Wangeci