I love tips that make my life easier or help me save a shilling or two. I love freezing. I freeze a lot. I freeze fruits, blanched veggies, bread (both dough and baked), cake, meat balls etc.

Freezing is great. It a good way of having good supply of seasonal fruit through out the year. My freezer  is always full of mangoes and berries. I freeze them in Jan and another batch in March and this lasts me all through to October when we have mangoes in season again.

The first rule for freezing fruit is to freeze it when its at its best. Do not freeze a fruit that is about to go bad, it won’t be nice to eat later, to not freeze a fruit that’s tart or not ripe it will taste worse after freezing. Freeze it at its prime that way you will eat it when still sweet.

Also do not free fruit and expect to eat it the form. Frozen fruits are best for juicing, putting into shakes and smoothies, baking etc. Herer are a few more rules or how to’s

1. Wash fruits and veggies well before freezing.

2. Blanch veggies in hot water first then dry completely before freezing

3. Remove as much air from freezer bags as possible.

fruit cubes

4. For berries and grapes, dry completely arrange in one line of a baking sheet freeze then transfer to bag so that they freeze “one one”  add them to your wine for fast chilling

5. Remove the seed of mangoes, peel bananas, remove pineapple skin before freezing

6.  Freeze fruits and veggie for up to an year. Veggies can stay longer but I generally throw out in a year whatever I have not used.


7. Make cute ice cubes by adding berries or grapes, you can also add in some mint for extra flavour, these are great for creating your own floured water and healthy too.


Have any questions? remember to ask in the comment section.

images from an every day blessing, two broke girls


Happy Freezing!!




Written by David Mwakodi