Isn’t it amazing the things you can do using just what you’ve got in the house? How something as simple as a wine glass and candles can completely transform your dinner table or your party setting. There so many ways you can do this: wineglass add some sand or form into it and place your candle.17a6cf0594f23475cc860e33a72ecd72   I love the one above, its such a beachy feeling love how the shells look. MG_3294   You can float the candle in some water, even add some berries that will float too or add pebbles that will fall to the bottom of the glass turn-a-wine-glass-upside-down-and-use-it-as-a-candle-holder-then-decorate-with-ornaments-myhomelifemag-com This is by far my favourite idea, Cant wait to do this during Christmas. I reckon it would look great with gold ornaments for a dinner party or just empty at the bottom in case you have no ornaments.   Well thats all Folks   HAPPY DECORATING!!   photos courtesy of Google.

Written by Wangeci Wandere cici
  • swabra swaleh

    Im stalking you and your awesome DIY projects..a must try